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We Crave for Love

We Crave For Love
My few thoughts on love between 2 people of opposite sex irrespective of age.

1. Whether men or women, they crave for love.
2. Love is needed at 4 levels. Physical need psychological or emotional need intellectual and spiritual need.
3. It is not necessary that if one is comfortable with someone at physical level, he will be comfortable with him or her at emotional, intellectual or spiritual level too..
4. Those Couples are most fortunate who can be comfortable with each other at all levels and then they do not need anyone else in their life to fulfil their needs.
5. It is difficult to get love from one person at all the levels and all the time.
6. So mostly it so happens that one gets attracted to other person who he /she thinks is capable of understanding or sharing however the fear of rejection and fear of society is so overwhelming that mostly feelings dies without getting expressed.
7. It is not difficult to love someone with the same intensity through out his life if all your needs are fulfilled but its a continuous process “of maintaining your relationship ”
8. Love progresses either towards understanding and maturity at higher level where no expression is needed or goes downward where either they separate or live with indifferences.
9. Intense love is always coupled with fear of losing, possessiveness, jealousy, dominance etc which is mostly misunderstood and differences arises.
10. Most people can manage to love more than one person at same time and this is happening more in modern era where society is heading towards free environment and men and women are working together.
11. Environment, society, culture, tradition, geography, religion have big impact on regulating behaviour of human being towards expression of love .
12. Every person is different. His thoughts and actions are guided by his education, experience, sanskar, religion, society, genes etc. No one formula or rule fit to all. But yes most of us crave for love.

Hemant Lodha

One thought on “We Crave for Love

  1. What is love
    What is Love? Love is that state in which you feel everything is your natural extension. Love is when I no more know where I end and where you begin. Love is when I get tears in my eyes seeing your tears and my heart blossoms in a smile, seeing you smile. Love is when I feel completely responsible for your life. Love is when I can no more define my life without you. Love is smiles and tears with mere thoughts of you. Love is when you come to my mind first, always, before the rest. Love is when your intensions are trusted irrespective of your actions. Love is when I miss you even when you are with me. Love is when I feel you even when you are not with me. Love is when I feel you are mine without the need to own you. Love is when I feel I am yours with my freedom intact. Love is when I keep wondering what else can I do for you and I do it for you.

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