Are You Tolerant?

Are You Tolerant?

Before we deeply analyze the level of tolerance, we need to understand real meaning of tolerance or intolerance. In-spite of having different views on any particular subject, about any individual or group, situation or circumstances, if one accommodates and respect other’s opposing views, that person is tolerant, otherwise intolerant. Whenever I want to know deeper meaning of any word, I turn to Hindi and Sanskrit. Not only because my entire education was done in Hindi language but I feel Sanskrit is a complete and logical language. In Hindi “TOLERANT” means SAHISHNU (सहिष्णु). It is a combination of 3 words – SAH (togetherness), EESH (God or supreme power) and ANU (Atom). So, when every particle in the universe lives in total harmony with each other, a society or an individual will be called Tolerant. People are naturally diverse; only tolerance can ensure the survival of mixed communities in every region of the globe. Entire cosmos is inter dependent and seeks to support each other.

On other hand men who are most intelligent but most selfish creature on this planet, eliminate other entities for their own greed. If we look at the history there are N numbers of incidences where rulers killed general public to force their thoughts and beliefs. From ages the world is divided physically psychologically, economically, intellectually and spiritually. For any being, survival is most important. Every creature has to be intolerant for basic needs such as food. The tiger when kills deer to fill his tummy, cannot be titled as intolerant creature. Once his hunger is satisfied, he will not attack anyone till he becomes hungry again. But human beings are the greediest creature and who keeps on crushing others for selfish reasons.

Before the invention of money/currency, societies were interdependent and had tolerant view for each other. Now days we are dependent on money and once we achieve enough of that, we start feeling independent and do not care for others.

Our behavior about Tolerance can be classified in 4 ways:-

Tolerance towards Tolerant people
Tolerance towards Intolerant people
Intolerance towards Tolerant people
Intolerance towards Intolerant people

I do not think that above behaviors need further explanation. One behaves as per his nurturing, education and experience. However the most unacceptable behavior is intolerance towards tolerant people. No person can be 100% tolerant or 100% intolerant. People adopt behavior as per time, people and circumstances. We cannot say whether tolerant behavior is good or intolerant behavior is bad. If our children behave immorally, we have to be intolerant. As a nation we cannot be tolerant towards a hostile country. We cannot be tolerant towards terrorists.

5 tips on how an individual or a society can be more tolerant:-

1. Listen patiently and carefully without jumping to any conclusion.
2. Try to understand other person’s point of view before expressing your opinion.
3. The leaders of the societies, countries, religions, communities, celebrities need to be very sensitive before they express their views. They must express mature and tolerant views for other people who belong to different group than theirs.
4. Every human being must be free to have his own set of beliefs and values and others. And everyone should respect other’s beliefs and values even though their own beliefs and values are totally opposite of others.
5. Agree to Disagree – A real spiritual person is one who can accept other creature as they are, rather than as he wants! However, one shall not tolerate terrorists, murderers, thieves or destroyers.

जब सह, ईश व अणु मिले,
हो सहिष्णु निर्माण।
बाहर से हम अलग है,
भीतर एक ही प्राण H

Hemant Lodha

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