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Hemant Lodha
Dear Mr Lodha,

I would like to sincerely thank you for giving me your time, on such short notice. I am very
grateful to you, above all, for gifting me your wonderful book NOW Nectar of Wisdom. My wife
Neha has already gone through it, courtesy a gift from one of her staff members, Shweta Mor,
who assisted you in editing it.

I particularly liked the format of the book and your style of writing. The format is unique
and the style is to the point, succinct and avoids lecturing. The five points of summary or
actionables is wonderful. We are in fact using it for our dinner table conversation with our
daughter- we take one topic every evening, she reads it out aloud, we all then share our
thoughts and me and wife explain few things to her, spicing it up with our experiences on the
topic/ behavior. The format is just wonderful and the length of each topic is so convenient
for such discussions- light but valuable.

Thanking You
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Hemant Lodha