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Hemant Lodha
Dear Mr Hemant Lodha,

Wish you a great time !

I have recently finished the book " Nectar Of Wisdom "
All the topics are well written and contained sound , practical suggestions. After reading it carefully, your suggestions presented with humility, grace and courage; give the reader a renewed opportunity to think about the happenings to the life.

" 5 Tips " at the end of every topic is candidly the unique feature of the book. In-fact, it helps the reader to gain better understanding to the overall content.
I liked all the topics but - " Patience In Virtue, Minimize Perception Differences, Silence Is Golden, Education Widens Horizon..... etc" touched my heart.

It is indeed inspiring to learn the way your father constructively utilized his strength and published two books even when doctors had no hopes for his survival... Salute to his soul...

I have been helping teachers, parents and students to understand Physics since 23 years and I do feel that your book - Nectar of Wisdom .. is highlighting many core aspects of parenting, leadership as well as teaching - learning process.

I hope the topics presented by you through this endeavor might serve as a developmental tool in sculpting everyone's personality for a better future.
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Hemant Lodha