Rules For Social Media Groups

In the era of information bombardment it is advisable to follow some rules as a member of whatsapp group.
1. Individual chatting, wishes etc. should be avoided in group.
2. When group is made for specific purpose, copy paste of general jokes, videos, cartoons should be avoided.
3. Except family or close friends group good morning/night msgs are irrelevant.
4. Any negative comment on religion, community, political party should not be posted because indirectly we may hurt others.
5. Verify authenticity of message when circulating messages for good cause.
6. If you do not like or have objection on any post, express one to one.
7. Bulk post shall be avoided because most of the readers skip them.
8. Do not criticise other members in group.
9. Admin shall inform rules of the group at start of making group or introducing new member.
10. Use broadcast feature for passing information to the members of any type of association or group of people.

11. On the occasion of birthday or anniversary of members. Admin or any one person shall post greetings. Rest of the members shall greet directly and individually to the person rather than posting in the group. Gratitude of thanks shall also be given direct to the person who has greeted. That will save time of other members.

12. Suppose there are 100 members in the group. Before posting imagine that you are on stage and all members are seating before you and listening. If you feel it’s relevant and useful for all then only post.

If you agree to above and if you wish to add further rules, pls add and forward.

Hemant Lodha

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