Role & Goal Clarity

Role and Goal Clarity
Shri Ashit Sinha, an HR guru, always say that keep clarity of role and goal in the organization. Role and goal clarity improves the performance, efficiency as well as effectiveness. In most of the Indian organizations, particularly in the family run businesses, the role and goal clarity is either missing or present in abstract form. Consequently employees are clueless about their accountability, authority and lines of hierarchy. On the top of it, if systems are not robust, entire organization runs in chaos. Blame game, abdicating responsibility etc. becomes very common. This can be controlled as long as organization is small but as it grows, inefficiency grows along after a certain point organization starts collapsing.

In such organizations many times HR head is hired but without much of freedom and authority. The paralyzed culture doesn’t allow professionals to work efficiently and effectively. Mediocre employees stay and smart performers flees.

5 step process for role and goal clarity:
1. Vision, mission, values and strategy shall be finalized at top level in consultation with senior management.
2. Proper organization structure shall be created with clear authority and accountability. One employee, one boss and span of control shall be taken into account. Organization structure shall not be made as per availability of people rather it should be created as per need of organization keeping long term vision in mind.
3. Job profile shall be created from top to bottom and KRAs (Key result areas) shall be decided for each position.
4. Periodical review system shall be in place depending on criticality of position. Most of the organizations finalize the goals of employees but they fail to review.
5. Proper training program across the organization shall be introduced so that people can grow their skills and attitude as the organization grows.

Hemant Lodha

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