Respect is Earned

Indian culture and tradition gives lot of thrust on giving respect to the seniors and elders. In few communities and societies even children are treated with respect. We Indians get hurt quickly if someone is not giving respect in conversation. Due to the impact of western culture, new generation is not bothered about using extra respectful language for elders.

Whatever the culture is, every one seeks that he should be respected genuinely for his/her age, position, power & knowledge. Now a days, it is not easy to get respect only because of age, position, money or seniority. Respect needs to be earned.

5 Tips How to earn Respect.
1. Give respect to get respect.
2. Enhance your knowledge.
3. Be empathetic. Talk less, listen more.
4. Selflessly guide and help others.
5. Be resourceful and drop your ego.

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दोहा by अविनाश बागड़े
ना दौलत या उम्र अब , दे पाये सम्मान।
पाना पड़ता है इसे, नया दौर लो जान।।

Hemant Lodha

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