PAUSE!!! To Succeed.

All living beings have 2 main purpose. Survival and recreation. For survival they want food and safety and for recreation they mate. However human beings think beyond survival and recreation. Since we have better mind, intellect, conscious and ego, we do millions of different things than animals. The question is why we do what we do apart from survival and recreation. We are a highly action oriented breed. 

Every action is backed up by thought. Thoughts preceded action, some time we consciously know it, but most of the times subconsciously we do it. So we can divide actions in 2 parts. Conscious actions and subconscious actions. I am excluding here inner body actions which are controlled by the system of our body. Whether it’s conscious action or subconscious actions, both are backed by thoughts( present thoughts or past thoughts). Thoughts are generated by either our past experiences and memories or present learning through senses. Intellect analyse our present learning and past experiences and decides for actions. However many times we ignore our intellect and conscious but follow the instincts which can leads to either creativity or disaster. 

Action leads to reactions and destiny so better action leads to better destiny. The wise is one who keeps pause between thoughts, words and actions. Research says that well paused thought can lead to 25-40% better decision and action. The key of success is PAUSE between thoughts and actions. 

When you pause, search answer for what, why, when, which, where and how and you will find that your life has become many fold better than previous. Pause before action is key success mantra. 

Hemant Lodha

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