My Links

  1. He is engaged as MD of SMS Envocare Ltd
  2. His father also devoted 30 years (1978~2008) of his life in research on oswal community and Kuldeviya of oswals and published few books, details of which is available on
  3. His father also compiled family tree of Lodha’s since its formation in the 6th century and they are proud to have family tree of last 58 generations out of which last 8 generation with photos. Same is uploaded on
  4. He has founded trust HELPLINK Charitable Trust with a motto that WE LINK THE NOBLE PATRONS AND NEEDY CHILDREN focusing on child education.
  5. This page is about short poems in Japanese style HAIKU
  6. He is founder of spiritual concept UNIVERSALISM and launched website to propagate principles of universalism.
Hemant Lodha