Luck Is Individualistic

We are a family of two brothers and two sisters and all four of us have different luck and different lives. I am not telling you some thing new. It is same with every sibling. Parents give same food, same clothes, same culture, same efforts for education and up bringing; still each sibling right from childhood goes in different direction. That is why it is said that luck is individualistic. Every one has to go through his own pains and pleasures.

Forget the siblings, a husband and wife, living together under same roof, using same comforts, controlling same money, having same children,still have their own pleasures and pains. We all are different at physical,emotional, intellectual and spiritual levels. Everyone has his/her own perception of life. Everyone enjoys and suffers in life differently, even in same circumstances. Luck is fruit of your past Karma.

5 Tips to deal with Luck :
1.What you are doing is in your hand but what is happening to you is part of your luck.
2.What is happening to you may not be in your control but how you react to it, is in your control.
3.As my personal view, if you believe in luck then believe in past and future life also. It will make more sense.
4.Do not envy others destiny. It gives only pain.
5.Logic of luck is unexplainable. Do not waste your time to find logic.

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दोहा by अविनाश बागड़े
मिलता है हर जीव को ,समानता का हाथ ।
फिर भी हर जीवन बढे , अलग दिशा के साथ।।

Hemant Lodha

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