Look Beyond Looks

I was and still choosy about food to some extent. Whenever a new
dish comes before me I used to have 3 stages of eating. First I eat with eyes then with nose and then with the tongue. In this process it so happened that I am still deprived of delicious food available worldwide.In life also we get so obsessed with looks that most of the time we may over look real qualities of things and inside beauty of people.

A great scientist, Albert Einstein, came in contact with very beautiful lady and she proposed with an intention that your brain and my beauty can give us wonderful children. Scientist declined by saying if reverse happens; your brain and my beauty. Jokes apart, beautiful faces may be deceiving. Look beyond the looks. Nothing is more beautiful than inside beauty of a person.

5 Tips to Look at Beauty:
1. Do not decide any thing based on outer beauty.
2. Try to find inner qualities.
3. Use the things and Love the people rather than using the people
and loving the things.
4. Most of the people uses mask, trying to look behind that.
5. People are not difficult, they are different.

You read one of the page of book “Nectar of Wisdom”. To read entire book online

दोहा by अविनाश बागड़े
ऊपर ऊपर देख के, करना नहीं बखान।
सुंदरता अंतस बसे, सच्ची ये पहचान।।

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