Are You Laying Eggs, Continuously

Are You Laying Eggs, Continuously?

Are you laying eggs continuously or adding value to whatever you are doing? If not, then you are useless to the organization you are working for or a family you are living with. At the end of every day before going to sleep, question yourself what value you have added to your personal and professional life. In personal life we can add value every day by enhancing our wisdom, strengthening our relationships and purifying our soul. In professional life we can add value by improving our performance on daily basis; thus moving closer to our goals and achieving them.

Most of us have a habit of broadcasting our old achievements. Often we come across an elderly person who very proudly speaks about his achievements at the age of 25 and so the comparative fairy-tale. More often than not we find that he has been proudly boasting of that particular achievement practically every day to every person he has met in last 25 years. His entire self-worth is built on that particular one achievement. In my opinion if you are narrating an achievement which is older than one year just to seek attention or to feel worthy, no matter how big it may be, you have stopped laying eggs and your life has lost its meaning. You need to look at your life critically, redefine it and recreate value for yourself, your loved ones and your organization.

5 Tips for adding Value continuously:
1. Set your goals and review them periodically. Maintain a Daily-To-Do-List, review and update it regularly.
2. Use your creativeness and innovativeness in whatever task you are doing.
3. If your present job/ field/ role is not giving you any value addition and you feel that you have stopped growing then change it.
4. In present era, where both members of family are working, it is important for both of them to share the responsibilities at home and create happiness.
5. Check with your superiors and surroundings, what more you can do to add value to your present role.

दोहा by अविनाश बागड़े
स्पर्धा के इस दौर में, सतत नया निर्माण।
स्थापित रहने के लिए, देना हमे प्रमाण।।

Hemant Lodha

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