IQ vs EQ
IQ- Intelligence Quotient. EQ- Emotional Quotient.
Often there is a question whether IQ is superior or EQ is superior. In my opinion both are necessary however I have tried to penned down differences in IQ and EQ.

IQ is having right knowledge EQ is using the knowledge rightly.
IQ is taking right decision. EQ is implementing the decision at right time with right people in right circumstances.
IQ is understanding what is said. EQ is understanding which is not yet uttered.
IQ can make you good manager. EQ will make you a good leader.
IQ can guide you to right decision EQ will help you in understanding consequences of that decision.
IQ can show you the right destination. EQ will guide you which path will be the best to reach that destination.
IQ is a straight line EQ is with rhythm
IQ can give you success. EQ will give you holistic success.
IQ is a function of brain. EQ is function of mind.
IQ is needed to create relation. EQ is needed to maintain relation.
IQ may create friends. EQ will eliminate enemies.
You can impress with IQ. You will embrace with EQ.
IQ can help you in achieving perfection. EQ will help you is achieving affection.
IQ is more needed at work. EQ is more needed at home.
IQ can make you angry. EQ will manage your anger.
Zero percent IQ and 100% EQ needed to love or to be loved.
IQ is masculine quality, EQ is feminine quality.
IQ is dry with facts. EQ is wet with emotions.
IQ is learning. EQ is listening.
IQ will give you more knowledge. EQ will give you more understanding.
IQ seek success. EQ seeks happiness.
IQ will help in understanding differentiation between us. EQ will help in understanding similarities between us.
IQ will help to know outer world. EQ will help to explore inner world.
IQ will help in gaining knowledge. EQ will help in spreading knowledge.
IQ is a logical side of brain. EQ is creative side of brain.
IQ is tip of iceberg. EQ is entire iceberg.
Both have no connection. You may have either. You may have both. You may have neither. But certainly EQ is superior than IQ.

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Hemant Lodha

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