Make Intervals Meaningful

Your growth and development depends how meaningful you make your intervals. The plethora of distractions that the 21st century brings in our lives with smart phones, TV social media, games, shows and Netflix drive us to become consumer instead of creators. Thus as soon as we get little interval from our routine office work or home work, we start playing with our phone or shifting TV channels for the next meaningless realease of dopamine. 

We can’t focus all the time on our prime work and we are bound to get mini intervals during whole day. If we can develop a meaningful hobby which can help us in learning new knowledge or skills, it will help us in developing our personality. Reading, writing, blogging, podcasting, producing art work, creating music are just some small ways we all can become creators instead of consumers. 

5 ways to making intervals creative:

  1. Select 1/2 hobbies which you can pursue anywhere in any situation and which are meaningful. 
  2. Refrain yourself from getting addicted to wasteful activities.
  3. Keep your secondary goals which can be pursued in free time. 
  4. Free time can be utilised for expanding network. Meeting, talking or chatting with relevant people. 
  5. Intervals are good to be utilised for thinking on constructive topics.

अंतराल हमको मिले, दो कामों के बीच।
सकारात्मक सोच को, लेकर आयें खींच।। अविनाश बागड़े

Hemant Lodha

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