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Happiness Can’t be Goal

In my life several times I asked this question to myself that what is my ultimate goal and all the time I had answered that to be happy is my goal. I asked the same question to many people when I visit as a faculty in colleges or corporates and almost all replied that to remain happy is ultimate goal.

But happiness can’t be goal. Happiness is a state of mind, body, heart and soul and one shall always remain happy whatever the situation may be or whosoever the person is with you. If we attach our happiness to have some thing or meet some person or visit some place then chances are that our happiness will remain momentary. We will be unhappy till we get that thing, person or place and as soon as we get, we will be running after another thing, person or place and again our journey of unhappiness will start.

So to remain always happy the most important thing is not to attach our happiness to any goal such as money, power, fame, things, person or places but to be just remain happy whatever circumstances we are in.

5 tips to remain 24×7 happy:

1. Before opening up your eyes in morning smile to self and before retiring to dreams smile and sleep. Make smile a permanent jewel of your face.

2. Accept the people the way they are. Most the people are not difficult they are different.

3. Love all being. If you can’t love but hate or dislike shall not be an option.

4. Make all efforts to improve your life but at the same time accept the present without any complain.

5. Make goals to achieve success in life but don’t link your happiness with your goals. Enjoy journey also.

Hemant Lodha

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