Happiness Bank Account

HBA- Happiness Bank Account
Does your HBA (Happiness Bank Account) have enough balance to keep you happy for the rest of the day? If you have smile on your face as soon as you wake up and at the end of the day when you retire for your dreams then you have deposited enough happiness in the account during the day. If you ask yourself what ultimately you want and if you keep on asking by thinking deeper and deeper then you will find that happiness is ultimate goal (for most of us).

But we have to analyze whether our thoughts, words and actions during the day are leading to increase the HBA.
Greed, jealousy, anger, all these negative emotions keep on eating our happiness like termite which spoil our mood, our performance, our relationship, our prosperity and for that matter even our destiny. As a human being all these negative emotions are inevitable but the beauty is that if we control and manage those emotions effectively then the impact will be minimum and our balance in HBA will remain intact if not increase.
5 tips to increase balance in HBA:
1. While waking up and before opening eyes, plan how you will keep yourself happy today. And before going to sleep, review the day. Analyze what were the factors that pulled down your happiness.
2. Make a list of your strained relationship and one by one make efforts to improve those. People are more responsible your unhappiness rather than things.
3. Few people you will find in life, who are very negative and when you come in their contact, they pull down your enthusiasm or bring negativity in your life. Either avoid them and if not possible to avoid ignore them and even if it is not possible to ignore then you have no option but to keep them happy as much as possible. It is not easy but you have no option.
4. Think before you speak or act. Particularly when you are upset. It is better to leave the place and people when you are not in good mood. It will aggravate the situation and pull down your HBA.
5. Do some act everyday which are selfless. Appreciate, give, help etc. This will increase your balance of HBA, manifold.

Hemant Lodha

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