Attitude of Gratitude

Gratitude is defined as:
• the quality of being thankful
• readiness to show appreciation for
• to return kindness

Many people say, “I am self made person”. To me, it is the highest degree of ego. We are product of our parents, intellect of our teachers, emotions of our relatives, personality of our friends, purpose of our efforts, part of our society and rhythms of universe. Though we are product of our thoughts, words and actions but in the entire system we are puppet of 1000s of known and unknown forces. Without the help, support and wishes of people around us, we are nothing. We take things and people for granted and do not express our gratitude for all the good things we got in our life or all the bad things we avoided in our life.

Every religion and philosophy has system of expressing gratitude and thanks once in a year but we follow more that as a formality rather than sincere expression. Moreover thanks giving should not be once a year ritual rather it should be every moment practice. We must start our day with a prayer for expressing thanks to the entire universe and before sleep we must express our regret for known or unknown mistakes.

5 Tips for Attitude of Gratitude:

1. Be quick in expressing your gratitude in whatever words or actions you can think of.
2. Start your day with prayer of gratitude and end the day with prayer of forgiving.
3. Be sincere is expressing gratitude or expressing regret.
4. Be polite particularly with people who are working for you, younger than you and respect you for your authority, age and seniority.
5. Use all sorts of communication for expression of gratitude such as words, messages, cards, letters, emails etc.

कृतज्ञता की भावना, हरपल रखिये ध्यान।
धन्यवाद करते रहे, बढ़ता है सम्मान H293

Hemant Lodha

One thought on “Attitude of Gratitude

  1. Really good article. One should express gratutude saying thanks to others. But in openion if person is saying he is self made man that does not show he has ego but it shows whatever knoweledge he acquired from others he could convert it for wellbeing without taking help from others. We should respect and learn from hia action how he could achieved it. Good article worth reading to be act upon in day to day activities.

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