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Express Expectations Explicitly

Most of the time we fail to get what we want and one of the major cause for same is that we fail to express our expectations explicitly. Every relationship and every role expect something from other party or from us. Success of every relationship and role depends on how the expectations are met or exceeded.

In marriage most of the partners don’t express their expectations because of ego. They think that other party shall understand their feelings and needs and fulfil without being asking. However we forget one thing that we are not clone of each other and probably clones will also not be able to think alike.

At work, expectations are mostly expressed but not very clearly and not in measurable terms. Lack of proper communication and lack of training leads to sub minimal performance.

5 Tips to express expectations explicitly:
1. Don’t assume. It makes ASS out of U and ME. Express clearly.
2. At home expect less and accept more. At work expect more and accept less.
3. Expect as per capability and potential of person otherwise you will always meet disappointment.
4. Be emotionally intelligent to understand the expectation of others.
5. When people have expectations from you, try to exceed the expectations.

Hemant Lodha

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