Drive your mind

Drive Your Mind

Most of the time we are worried whether our employee is working productively or wasting time but we are unaware that how in-efficiently and in-effectively our own mind is working. If your mind is inefficient and/or ineffective how can be your performance be the best. Our destiny precedes our actions. Our action precedes our thoughts. Our thoughts are regulated by our feelings, past experiences and leanings. Very few of us at very few of occasions can regulate our mind. Our mind is horse without rein. In Hindi we say, “बिना लगाम का घोड़ा” If you want to achieve your dreams, desires, goals, purpose, you need to regulate your mind and thoughts.

For regulating the thoughts we need to be conscious of each and every thought is coming into mind and how it is getting processed. Whether we are thinking about the past, present or future, important is to remain alert and conscious of all the thoughts. Practically it is not possible to have 100% consciousness about the thoughts but if we can remain even 10% conscious, the results will be wonderful.

5 Tips to regulate Mind and thoughts:

1. Decide the subject on which you want to regulate your thinking. Unless the target of thinking is not there, mind cannot be regulated.
2. Mind will keep on wandering. One needs to continuously stop and think what he is thinking.
3. Early morning time is most productive for critical matters. You need to sit alone with the targeted matter and think all aspect. Personally I prefer to do on morning walk.
4. Before sleep give some home work to subconscious mind. Think of some critical problem and sleep. Mostly you will find innovative solution as soon as you wake up.
5. Focus on present moment, present task in hand, ongoing meeting, conversation with someone. Mind will keep wandering. Bring back mind in present moment. If you are eating, focus on food and chewing, you will enjoy food much more and it will be chewed better.

Hemant Lodha

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