Discuss Don’t Argue

Most of the relationships, whether at work or in life, get strained because instead of maintaining discussion we generally end up having an argument, even on small and unimportant issues. Discussion clarifies things whereas argument always ends up with a fight.

Every person is right from his point of view. Actually, a person is guided by his thoughts, experiences, knowledge and circumstances. It is not that the other person is always against you; it is mostly because he/she thinks differently.

In a discussion, there is a scope to listen to others point of view. But when argument starts, a person doesn’t want to listen anything else. If we listen attentively and empathetically, it would lead to better ideas and solutions. Be cautious on discussion drifting towards an argument, pull it back and keep it within the limits of discussions only.

5 Tips to avoid argument :
1.Plan your discussion.
2.Listen empathetically.
3.When you are about to lose control, stop immediately.
4.Learn to avoid argument on small matters.
5.Give more emphasis on relationship.

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दोहा by अविनाश बागड़े
चर्चा – परिचर्चा करें, बचें बहस से आप।
चर्चा से हल हो सदा, बहस रचे संताप।।

Hemant Lodha

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