Choose Your Side

Often in life we need to choose the side, with whom we will place our support. It may be with family, at work, with friend or in society. Normally we have 4 choices.
1. To stand with weaker
2. To stand with strong
3. To stand with right
4. To stand with self interest

Most of us stand with our own interest and on the top we justify that we are right. However it take guts to stand with right and weak. It is not necessary that weak is always right and also it is not necessary that strong is always right. To know that what and who is right and what and who is wrong requires lot of rationality with wisdom. Most of the time our self interest cover our wisdom like cloud covers the sun.

I often say that it is easy to choose between right and wrong but very difficult to chose between wrong and more wrong or right and more right. Geeta reveals that Krishna chose Pandavas because they were right and on the path of Dharma where as Kauravas were wrong and path of Adharma.

5 tips to help in choosing sides:
1. Analyse the situation from as many views as possible.
2. Momentarily keep your interest aside and review the situation.
3. Hear and learn all the sides, their stand point of view. Try to step in shoes of others.
4. In case you choose the side which is contradictory with your loved ones, explain them your reasons. Some times keeping yourself neutral may be better option to save the relationship.
5. If you are convinced that you have chosen right side then stand like a rock.

Hemant Lodha

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