Be Performance Biased

In any organisation, staff can be divided in 4 quadrants.
1. Performers with positive behaviour
2. Performers with negative behaviours
3. Non-performers with positive behaviours
4. Non-performers with negative behaviours.
Quality of good leader shall be to get rid of category 3 and 4 as soon as possible. It is not possible that your all employees can fall in 1st category. There will be few very good performers but will fall in 2nd category. Problem starts when those employees reach to the top level. They become necessary evils.

If one wants to take organisation to the next level, he will have no option but to be performance biased. All efforts shall be to identify 2nd category employees at early stage and push them to 1st category by positive strokes, necessary training and employee engagements. It is easier said than done because behavioural characteristics are more influence by genes and childhood grooming. However if you are able to maintain a culture of positivity in the organisation, you can succeed in maintaining harmony and atmosphere of positivity within the organisation.

5 tips to deal with good performers with negative attitude:
1. Identify such people at early stage before you push them higher in the ladder based on performance.
2. Arrange proper training programs for them and talk to them regularly.
3. It will be very difficult to eliminate their negativity but with good efforts an atmosphere of harmony can be maintained.
4. Be cautious in raising their level because they may reach to a level of no retrieval and become harmful at the later stage.
5. Don’t hesitate to take tough decisions when you find that organisational interest is more important than personal appeasement.
Be performance biased, not person biased.

Hemant Lodha

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