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Be Good Without Being Weak

Someone asked me question on Quora. What should I do to maintain a good character with confidence? When I talk to people with respect they think that I am weak and try to rule me and when I act confidently I lose my goodness and people think that I am proud of something in life. Prior to this few days back I read this line “Be Good Without Being Weak”. The question is how to be good without being weak. This dilemma comes in personal life as well as professional life. If we are polite and sweet in behaviour people think that we are weak but if we are strong and firm, people think that we are not a good person.

Very few people we find in life those are good and polite as well firm and strong. My taiji (aunty) was one such kind of person. She used to be always smiling but always knowing what is right to do. She will not scold anyone but her polite and firm sentences were enough, everyone to fall in line, not with fear but with respect. You may also find such persons in your life if you see around. When we study such people we find that they have following 5 qualities.

1. They are knowledgeable about their field and they know very clearly, what they need to do.
2. They are always smiling, polite but firm in whatever they say or whatever they do.
3. They never raise their voice but communicate very clearly, what is to be done.
4. They never hesitate in taking lead and by defecto also people make them leader and they fit in leadership role very swiftly and comfortably.
5. They are good listeners also and everyone feel very comfortable and at ease in their presence.

Hemant Lodha

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