Are you Spiritual?

Are You Spiritual?

Mostly it happens that once a person is free from his worldly responsibilities, he/she turns to spirituality. Now a day more people hesitate in saying that I am religious but they say with pride that I am spiritual. Definition of spirituality as per Wikipedia is as follows:

“Matters of the spirit” may include the meaning in a person’s life (or in all life), and how to find and improve on it. They may also include someone’s search for God, the supernatural, a divine influence in their lives, or information about the afterlife, and how to best deal with each.”

After lot of thought process, I am listing 12 characteristics of a person who has started walking on the path of spirituality.

1. Tolerance is Increasing: A spiritual person believes that soul of an ant is no different than his own soul. The walls of religion, region, caste, color start vanishing. The whole world and universe becomes one hence tolerance for people increases.

2. Smile is Solidifying: A spiritual person wears a permanent smile on his face. That is sign of inner peace and happiness. Smile works as magnet for them.

3. Empathy is Improving: Empathy is standing in the shoes of other person and looking from his point of view. A spiritual person listens and understands other person and situation more from emotional intelligence rather than only through brain.

4. Wisdom is Enhancing: A spiritual person knows that better wisdom leads to better decision, better action and better outcome. He keeps on studying and learning so that his wisdom keeps enhancing.

5. Expectations are Reducing: A spiritual person starts understanding limitations of people. Different people have different limitations such as physical, intellectual, financial, emotional etc. So they either eliminate or reduce their unrealistic expectations.

6. Acceptance is More: As expectation reduces, acceptance of person increases. They understand that people are different and not difficult.

7. Loving without Conditions: A spiritual person may not love all unconditionally but he hates none. He walks continuously on the scale from hate to love.

8. Equanimity is Enhancing: The ultimate stage for a spiritual person is equanimity. Pain doesn’t feel like pain and pleasure don’t give much of the joy to a spiritual person. He knows very clearly that pain and pleasures are impermanent. The bliss is permanent. They work for achieving the ultimate bliss.

9. Ego is Vanishing: A person on spiritual path understand that he need to drop the ego completely. Which is not so easy while living in materialistic world but he continuously keep making efforts to drop ego.

10. Desires are Eliminating: Desires are the main cause of unhappiness. Spiritual people either satisfy the desires and eliminate them or eliminate it by meditation. Zero desire is not possible but he develops contentment in whatever he has. His craving reduces or gets eliminated.

11. Fear is Evaporating: Zero Desire and Nil Ego leads to fearless situation. Fear is mainly due to two reasons.

12. Helping others Selflessly: A spiritual person empathize very easily with the needy and he tends to help Selflessly.

Hemant Lodha

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