A2Z Tips for Sr. Citizens

Age Is Psychological

Philosopher says age is just a number but it’s an important number. Ageing is physiological process and no one can stop it. However feeling the pain or enjoying the moment is completely dependent on one’s mind. My father got detected for terminal cancer and doctor announced not more than 3 months of life but with his strong will he lived for 3 years and published 2 books in that period.  

Body Wants Care

My father used to say PEHLA SUKH NIROGI KAYA (Healthy body is first pleasure) etc. People can only sympathize in your illness but its outwith age, our organs start losing its strength. Of course yoga & exercise can boost their strength but it takes time. We should not worry about its deterioration but keep minimum 1 hour for body fitness through walk, yoga, exercise, swimming y you who will have to bear the pain.

Children Needs Independence

By the time we are 60+, our children have already grown up and if they are married, you might have become grandparent. Their prime responsibility and purpose is to raise family and earn prosperity. Most of us want to fulfill our unsuccessful dreams through them and control their lives. That becomes major cause of bitterness in relationship. Free them with the entire obligation. In present days we may not be able to go in forest but we can certainly try to live life of minimum expectations from children. 

Do Your Duty

Never think that if your organization has retired you it means now you do not have any role and responsibility. We have still lot of roles to play. A role of child for our aged parents, as a parent for unsettled children, being a good spouse for a person who has sacrificed entire life for us, being a good neighbor and responsible citizen etc. Always keep on checking your duty and fulfilling with proper diligence.   

Enhance Your Wisdom

Enhancing wisdom, increasing knowledge, continuous learning etc. is such a thing which one can keep doing till last breath. All eastern philosophies believe that our soul travel in next birth with Gyana and Karma earned. Effect of karma need to be neutralized but Gyana needs to be maximized at all the times. Depth of wisdom helps in enhancing the quality of decisions at work and home.

Forget & Forgive

Once we die, we take birth with no memories of past life. The major problem is we cannot forget this life’s moments and cannot forgive people who have done wrong to us. Not forgetting and not forgiving is the major cause of strained relationships and unhappiness in our life. There are various mind control techniques which can help us in forgiving and forgetting in this life itself.

Give Back to Society

I presume that by the age of 60 one has earned enough experience and gathered and created more resources than needed. It is time to give back to society in form of your time, experience, money etc. so that a society at large gets benefitted with your knowledge and skills. Society will benefit by your giving but the kind of happiness you get through your contribution will be much more satisfying.

Happiness is Prime

By now you might have several materialistic goals about success at work, money & wealth, name & fame etc. but now self happiness and happiness of close family shall be the highest goal. Ice on your head, sugar on tongue and love in heart is necessary to have happiness in life. stress less life is important at every age but critically important after 60 because your body and organs are not strong enough to bear the consequences of stress.

Ignore Pain and Pleasure

Pain and pleasure is part of everyday life. Equanimity towards pain and pleasure is more needed after certain age. Pain and pleasure are temporary. One needs to walk on the path of “Sant” where his distance with everyone including pain and pleasure is equal.

Join Relevant Groups

In case we retire at the age of 60 than suddenly our work contacts and groups start fading and we may feel vacuumed. Human being has psychological need to be connected with people. However, few people enjoy loneliness but most of us are social animals. Find out groups which are relevant to your hobby, interest and ultimate purpose. Join them and start participating with enthusiasm.

Kill All Vices

All wrong habits leads to physical and psychological illness. It is now time to give up one by one before doctor (Physical/Psychological) issues strict instructions. It may be smoking, drinking or any other which leads to deterioration of mental and physical health.

Love All Beings

By this age you may have realization that our life is temporary and all living beings have same soul. Dislike and hate leads nowhere and is more harmful to self than others. Everyone, including the smallest creature such as ant has right to live. We shall not harm rather we must love all living beings.

Management of Time

If you are retired from work then you have lot of time available. Your family is not habitual of seeing you idle and at home. You may start interfering in domestic matters which may be irritating and frustrating to your spouse. Better plan and use are time constructively. Social work, pursuing passion, travelling, joining some other organization may be even part time, may not be for money but to keep yourself productively engaged.

Name after Death

Many people keep a desire to leave legacy after them. There can be several ways to leave the legacy. Such as creating an organization, writing a book, building a monument, or establishing a charitable trust with cause etc. Part of the excess income/wealth shall be invested for good cause.

Overlook and Let Go

Remember that generation gap now a days in not of one generation but as short as 2-5 years. It is not necessary that what is right as per your perception is right with other people around you. Either keep updated with new happenings around you or develop a habit of accepting whatever happening around you. Thing which is not of significant importance, let them go to their natural conclusion. Accept everything, expect nothing.

Purpose to be Pursued

So far you had purpose in life to earn wealth, name & power. Now it is time to embark your journey towards spirituality or pursue the passion which you left unattended during the struggle for meeting both the ends. Quality of purpose will depend on quality of your wisdom. It is a journey. Purpose keeps evolving with time and wisdom.

Quit Your Ego

It is one of the most difficult things to do. By this age you have achieved certain status either by virtue of natural progress or achievement in life. Drop your ego otherwise people will drop you from their life. Ego is excess baggage in future journey. Raise your status but reduce your ego. It seems difficult but it is the most desirable thing to do.

Renounce Whatever Possible

Reduce, reduce and reduce. Eat less, need less, less clothes and accessories, speak less, reduce attachment with things and people. Renounce it slowly, without any force. Let the things and relations drop naturally without much of the efforts. Only 5 years back I used to eat 4 chapati and rice and now I have reduced that to one chapati and rice and still do not feel any weakness. Renouncing shall be a continuous process without experiencing any pain whether physical or psychological.

Succession Planning

Whether you are in business or in job, succession planning shall start minimum 3-5 years before you plan to retire from work. Though you may decide not to retire from work but delegate maximum possible to next generation. Change your role or start something new which may not be for creating wealth but for doing something meaningful. Let the new generation feel freedom to work in their own way. Give direction if they needed but stop interfering.

Universal Approach

The boundaries of society, nations, religions, language, culture etc. is created by human being for the need of survival, safety and belongingness. Otherwise basis of all religions is to have universal approach. We all are one. We are part of one. That ONE can be called by any name. Let us not damage the nature, environment and rhythm of universe. It’s a time to align with universal harmony.

Visualize Your Death

You may find this strange but all eastern philosophies believe in life after death and they do not consider death to be event of fear. It is time to repair all wrong done for so many years and plan for balance and next life. Visualization of death helps in keeping your karma on path of dharma. 

Wealth & Will Management

Except few lucky chaps, at this age income will start reducing. Creating regular income source keeping in mind inflation trend is the need of an hour. Consolidate wealth. Safety is more important than returns. Write your will and if possible make it transparent with beneficiaries so that future generation can live together with love and affection. Plan your finances so that your spouse is also safe till his/her last breath.

Xplore the World

Somebody asked various people across the world that if you have only 3 months left what you will do. Most of people had 2 kinds of responses. Either spending more time with near and dear ones or exploring the world. Human being has a natural desire to travel and see the world. At 60 you still have 10-15 years to rome around and see the world. If you resources permit, go and explore the world.

Young at Heart

Mind it with age our physical body start deteriorating but our mind and brain has a capacity to become sharper & stronger. Let age do not overshadow your enthusiasm. Regularly meet young people, participate with them, laugh with them, and play with them. Young generation love to mingle with old if your zeal is alive.

Zero Loans

If you have no loans, no EMIs left at the age of 60, you are lucky. If there are loans, make plan to become zero loan person as soon as possible. Stop buying anything on EMIs now. Insulate yourself from business risk and loans and lead the peaceful life.

Hemant Lodha

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