A2Z About Spiritual Life

Am I on the path of spiritual progress?

Spiritual, spirituality, spiritualism etc has become very common words now days. People feel pride in saying that I am spiritual but not religious. I was just trying to know more about the spiritualism and thought why not to find A to Z qualities of a spiritual person.

As per Wikipedia spirituality is defined as follow: Traditionally, spirituality refers to a religious process of re-formation which “aims to recover the original shape of man,” oriented at “the image of God” as exemplified by the founders and sacred texts of the religions of the world. In modern times the emphasis is on subjective experience of a sacred dimension and the “deepest values and meanings by which people live, “often in a context separate from organized religious institutions. Modern systems of spirituality may includes a belief in a supernatural (beyond the known and observable) realm, personal growth, a quest for an ultimate or sacred meaning, religious experience, or an encounter with one’s own “inner dimension.“

Most of us when we use this term, basically we want to say that I am not religious but I believe in common spirit of each other. So I think if a person has following A to Z qualities, he would be somewhat spiritual and he is on the path of spiritualism.


One who believes that spirit or atma, in you, me, animal or plant is same is spiritual.This beliefs helps him in treating everyone with due respect.

Belief in Super Natural Power

Normally these people don’t believe in a god as person but mostly believe that super atma or super spirit is there which is controlling us directly or indirectly in some or other way.


Such persons are compassionate about others including animals and plants. They empathize with the pain or weakness of others. They also try to help needy.


Complete detachment is not possible for general public but spiritual starts walking on path of detachment. First they try to get detached with material life and later with the relationships also. It doesn’t mean that they don’t respect or love people but they start understanding that we all are traveller here and nothing will go along with.


They understand the power of knowledge and wisdom. To achieve enlightenment becomes their ultimate goal. They start reading and learning philosophies. They also read about religions but to understand philosophies behind the religions.


They don’t carry grudges and make all efforts to forgive people who have misbehaved with them or cheated them. They learn that if they want peace, forgiveness is better option.


They believe in giving whatever possible. Their time, their money and resources. They find pleasure in giving. They understand that we all are interdependent on each other and if they have something extra either knowledge or resources they shall share with needy.


Many people think and believe that humanity and spirituality is same. Compassion and giving is also the part of humanity but it goes even beyond. They don’t harm the others and try to treat others as equal to them.


They start realizing that all living and non-living beings in this universe is interconnected in fact the entire universe is interconnected. That insight helps in compassion and empathy with others.


They don’t judge people with their possession and status rather they start understanding what is right and wrong. Their major fear is becoming partial to anyone.


Spiritual people are polite and kind to all. They understand the need of others and tries to meet as per their capacity. Even if they are not able to help, they show their compassion.


It may not be easy to love all but spiritual people definitely don’t hate anyone. They consider all being one so question of hate does not arise.


Regular meditation helps in better control on emotions, thoughts, words and actions. It helps in control on anger and leads to peace of mind.


Spiritual people are nature lover. They will plant trees and try to protect nature. They would not harm the nature and try to harmonies their life with nature.


Omkar is a sound of universe and basic sound within. Let us not attach this to any religion. Continuous chanting even silently can calm down the waves of thoughts.


Prayers are powerful. Prayer helps in directing our entire energy and universe to realize our dreams. Immediately after waking and before sleep, prayers helps in focusing our goals.

Quality of Life

For spiritual people quality of life more important than money, power and fame. Quality of life comes from better health, good relationship, purpose of life and higher wisdom.


Person on spiritual path starts renouncing his material desires. He starts putting limits on small thing such as clothing etc and progress towards limiting size of house and use of vehicle etc.


The people on path of spirituality follows the spiritualism in name of any religion. They are not fanatic religious but accepts good in every religion and philosophy.


One can’t imagine a spiritual person with negative thoughts. Negative situation arises in life of everyone but a spiritual person always thinks positive and face the adverse situation with smile and velour.


Spiritual person understand the vastness of universe and at the same time can comprehensible we are completely connected with vastness and start feeling oneness with entire universe.


Spiritual person develops ability to see in future and always keeps bigger picture and purpose in mind. They think more in long term and ignores the short term impacts.


People on path of spiritualism are seekers. Always hungry for knowledge, learning and wisdom. They love to read and love to spend time with intellectuals.

Xplore within

Spiritual seekers keep exploring within. They like to spend minimum 2-3 hours everyday with themselves. Their ultimate goal is to connect their soul with almighty.


Not necessarily yoga but spiritual person are conscious about their physical and mental health. They are regular in doing yoga, exercise, sports, walk, cycling etc.


Spiritual people are always enthusiastic irrespective of situation. They enthusiasm ignited enthusiasm. They always radiate positive energy.



Hemant Lodha

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  1. It needs a self actualization and same experience to textualize what spirtuality means. You connected very well sir. I m glad to read this.

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