7 Business Sutras, 7 Days, 7 Planets

As per Indian astrology, 7 planets have great impact on our life apart from Rahu & Ketu which are invisible planets. As per these 7 planets, 7 weekdays are named. Sunday to Saturday and Sun to Saturn. Though Sun is not a planet but a star but since from earth we see sun as rotating star, Indian astrology consider as planet only and have great impact on our life. To take this analogy forward I have derived 7 business sutra and aligned them with 7 days and 7 planets. A business leader shall focus on them for progress and sustaining the organisation on daily basis. One sutra per day.

  1. Revisit your Goals on Sunday:

The Sun gives life force, the power of will, intellect, brilliance, prosperity, success in worldly affairs, wealth, personal, conduct, activity, cheerfulness, good fortune, wisdom, ambition, fame, the understanding of the phenomenal world, and the knowledge of medicine.

A business leader shall keep Sunday for revisiting his Vision, Mission, goals and targets in solitude. It requires lot of individual thinking with no disturbance. One need to meditate and realign his all forces. Growth and prosperity of organisation and its people shall be the main goal.

2. Engage your Employees on Monday

Moon as a Ruling Planet: Characteristics of the Moon in Astrology. The moon is Cancer’s planetary ruler – a sign that is known for being intuitive, emotional and sensitive. Cancer craves security and consistency; those ruled by this heavenly body are fiercely loyal to family and deeply motivated by matters of the home.

A business leader shall reserve his Monday for employees. Discussing their goals, plan for the week, performance of the past week. Engaging employees and motivating them regularly is prime objective of any business leader. In short focus on HR department.

3. Connect to your Customers on Tuesday

In astrology, Mars is the planet of energy, action, and desire. It is the survival instinct, and can be thought of as the “leftover” animal nature of man. Mars rules our animal instincts for aggression, anger, and survival. Our sexual desires come under the rule of Mars.

Loyal and sustainable customers are power of any business. A business leader need to visit or connect to his customers on regular basis. Understanding their needs, listening their complaints, focusing on outstanding, adding customer base shall be target for Tuesday. In short focus on marketing department.

4. Decide your Strategies on Wednesday

Mercury is nearest to the Sun. In Vedic Astrology this is called Budh which means cleverness. This planet represents the qualities of intelligence, wit and humour in a person. … Mercury is dual natured planet and governs two zodiac signs namely Gemini and Virgo.

A business leaders shall review his strategies of all areas on Wednesday. Strategies brings effectiveness. Efficiency is climbing fast on the ladder but effectiveness is making sure that your ladder is on right wall.

5. Enhance your Wisdom on Thursday

The planet Jupiter in Vedic astrology has a great significance. It is an auspicious planet that makes the people rich, commanding, wise, spiritual, educated, cultured, liberal and generous. The planet Jupiter is one of the biggest planets in the Solar System.

In Hindi Jupiter is called Guru. Guru is sign of wisdom. A business leader needs to intelligent and wise as well he shall focus on making the entire organisation intelligent and wise. Focus on R&D, new ides, training etc. some of the activities to focus on Thursday.

6. Review Your Finances on Friday

Venus Astrology Symbol – Characteristics, Planet Energy and More. … It is the only planet with the name of a female goddess – and therefore, many of its traits are feminine in nature. Venus was the Roman goddess of beauty, sex, and pleasure.

Finances are blood lines of any organisation. It is prime duty of the Business leader to regularly review his finances. Reviewing of Balance sheets, profit and loss account, budgets, cashflow, management information system, operations etc to be kept on Friday. In short Finance and Accounts function.

7. Reassess your competitors and other enemies on Saturday

Saturn is the planetary ruler of Capricorn, whose ambitions drive it to greater and greater heights – heights that can only be conquered through hard work and discipline. Those under this sign find comfort in understanding the boundaries in the world.

The enemies of organisation can put the survival of any organisation on the stake. A wise business leader shall keep continuous watch on nits enemies. They may be competitors, government policies, dissatisfied employees or any other elements.

Hemant Lodha

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