52 Tips for Life

52 Tips For Life
1. Health first

1. Be Optimistic
2. Advise when asked for
3. Happiness must
4. Live and let live
5. Live in present
6. Love Yourself
7. Think Big Act Quick
8. Manage Your Time
9. Speak Less Listen More
10. Travel Extensive
11. Keep Mentors
12. Criticism None

1. Love All Eliminate Hate
2. Be Humorous
3. Forget And Forgive
4. Tolerance at any cost
5. Smiles Always
6. Keep good friends
7. Care Your Parents
8. Expect Less, Accept More.

1. Do What You Love
2. Love what you do
3. Delegate effectively
4. Keep Your Commitment
5. Now or Never
6. Do Your Duty
7. Treat colleagues Well
8. Earn More Spend Less
9. Deserve Before Desire
10. Optimise Your Potential
11. Strive for Win-Win
12. Hire Competent People
13. Master One Skill
14. Reduce Human Intervention
15. Expect More, Accept Less.
16. Manage money wisely.
17. Listen both the sides
18. Exceed the Expectations
19. Write Down Goals
20. Have long term vision

1. Be grateful
2. Be compassionate
3. Give Back
4. Create Network

1. Enhance Your Wisdom
2. Meditate to look within
3. Find Purpose Of Life
4. Perform Good Karma
5. Dedicate Your Prayer
6. Fear None
7. Simple Living High Thinking

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Let the kids learn value of money.

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Think Before Forward

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Change the Path, Not the Destination.

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Nurture Angel Within.

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5 conditions under which a person may act foolishly.

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Tit For Tat

Retire When Retarded.

Love is optional but Hate shall never be an option

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Process Thoughts Wisely

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Create Wonderful World

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5 tips to remain impartial.

Are You Impartial?

Are You Learning? 5 tips for learning.

Are You Learning?

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Righteousness is Dharma. 5 tips to decide the path of righteousness.

Righteousness is Dharma

Nurture the Nature. 5 tips for best nurturing.

Nurture the Nature

World is Illusion. 5 tips for dealing with illusionary world.

World is Illusion

Are You Effective? 5 qualities needed to become effective.

Are You Effective?

Control Your Senses. 5 tips how to control senses

Control Your Senses

You Can Win. 5 tips to realise your potential

You Can Win!

Dilute Poison Within.

Dilute Poison Within

5 tips for sharing your pain and pleasure.

Share Feelings Selectively

5 tips to find out uniqueness.

You Are Unique

5 tips to nurture natural talent.

Nurture Natural Talent

5 tips to expand circle of influence:

Expand Your Influence

5 Tips to handle Jealousy:

Jealousy Fuels Competitiveness

Ultimately truth wins.

Ultimately Truth Wins

5 Tips to handle criticism:

Unwise Defends Criticism

5 Tips for maintaining transparency in relationship:

Transparency Strengthens Relationship

5 Tips to manage thoughts:

Thoughts Differentiate Personalities

5 tips to find meaning and make life meaningful:

Finding meaning to be meaningful

Smile Go Miles.

Smile Go Miles

5 Tips to maintain Silence :

Silence is Golden

ZED- Zero Effect; Zero Defect

ZED – Zero Effect, Zero Defect

5 tips for couple who are poles apart.

When you are poles apart!!

Smart is Effective. 5 Tips for becoming smart

Smart Is Effective

5 tips to have continued dedication.

Success Demands Dedication

5 Steps for Paradigm Shift.

Shift Your Paradigm

5 Tips to realize Your Unimportance :

Realize Your Unimportance

Why am I ?

Why am I ?

Nothing is Ugly. Stop Judging.

Nothing is Ugly

Possessiveness suffocates Relationship.

Possessiveness Suffocates Relationship

5 Tips for Simple living:

Simplicity Brings Happiness

5 Tips for working with speed :

Progress Requires Speed

5 Tips How to earn Respect.

Respect is Earned

5 Tips for building Reputation :

Protect Your Name

5 Tips for making Quality as way of Life

Quality Is Quintessential

5 Tips How to be sensibly sensitive:

Be Sensibly Sensitive

Be My Valentine

Be My Valentine

5 tips to get role clarity.

Roles Decide Duty

100% consensus!! A myth. If you are convinced, carry on.

100% Consensus !! A myth

Perform or Perish.

Perform Or Perish

5 Tips to pursue Passion :

Passion Gives Excellence

5 tips to develop patience.

Patience Is Virtue

5 tips to generate opportunities out of problems.

Problems Generate Opportunities

5 tips to prepare for bad time.

Prepare For Worst

5 Tips for effective prayer.

Prayers Are Powerful

5 tips to bury the regrets.

Never Keep Regrets

5 tips for proper management of things. Place for everything and everything in place.

Place For Everything

5 tips to optimise process time.

Optimize Process Time

5 tips for adding value continuously.

Are You Laying Eggs, Continuously

Nothing is Permanent. 5 Tips to develop attitude of Equanimity :

Nothing is Permanent

Silence or Speak Out!!
5 Tips for effective use of silence and confrontation:

Silence or Speak-out

Comfort zone can give you bread. For butter, step out.

Comfort zone can give you bread. For butter, step out!

Nature is God. 5 tips to worship Nature.

Nature is God

5 Tips to avoid and deal sarcastic attitude :

Never Be Sarcastic

10 tips for better time management.

Manage Your Time

5 tips for better management of expectations.

Manage The Expectations

5 tips to minimise perception differences.

Minimize Perception Differences

5 tips on leaving legacy.

Leave The Legacy

Learn to Charm.

Learn To Charm

5 tips for empathetic listening.

Listen With Empathy

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To-Do-List – A Tool towards Perfectionism

Let Money Flow. 5 tips about money.

Let Money Flow

5 tips about how to inspire team.

Leader Inspires Team

To standout, Be Outstanding.

To standout, Be Outstanding

Life is Echo.

Life Is Echo

5 tips to keep HOPE always alive.

Don’t Leave Hope

5 tips to deal with LUCK

Luck Is Individualistic

5 tips to pursue right GOALS

What is your score??

Love is Quintessence. 5 tips to love universally.

Love Is Quintessence

5 tips to learn from all.

Learn From All

Look Beyond Looks

Look Beyond Looks

5 tips to keep you always GREEN (Happy)

Keep Yourself Green

5 tips to keep life SIMPLE.


Keep It Simple

5 tips to get benefit from IDEAS


Idea Needs Actions

5 Tips for better Judgement.


Hear Both Sides

Honestly Be Polite


Honestly Be Polite

5 Tips to keep commitment.

Read English:

Fulfill Your Commitment

Grow or Go

5 Tips for treating GUEST. Guest Is God

Guest Is God


5 tips to FOCUS

Read English:

Focus to Grow

5 tips to Flow With Flow.

Read English:

Flow With Flow

5 Tips to deal with FEAR.

Read English:

Fear is Psychological

While walking on the path of purpose, keep holding hand of Family.

Read English:

Family is Foremost


IQ vs EQ

5 tips to avoid fight

Read English:

Fight Reduces Strength

5 tips for effective giving.

Live To Give

5 tips to maintain life long friendship

Friends Are Treasure


5 Tips to develop flexibility in attitude.

Read English:

Flexibility Creates Acceptability

5 tips to forget and forgive.

Read English

Forget And Forgive

5 tips to handle failures effectively


Failures Are Experiences

Extreme is Poisonous.

Read English:

Extreme is Poisonous

5 tips to Exceed the Expectations.

Read English

Exceed The Expectations

Enthusiasm Ignites Enthusiasm.

Read English:

Enthusiasm Ignites Enthusiasm

5 tips to eliminate excuses.

Read English:

Excuses Hinders Success

5 tips to deal with feeling of envy.

Read English:

Envy Harbours Hate

5 tips to eliminate negative stress.

Read English:

Eliminate Negative Stress

5 Tips to deal with ego.

Read English:

Ego Destroys Relationship

5 tips for continuous learning.

Read English:

Education Widens Horizon

5 tips to live disciplined life.

Read English:

Discipline Or Regret

5 tips to Do things Differently.

Read English:

Do Things Differently

Don’t Break Rules.

Read English:

Don’t Break Rules

5 tips to Do Your Duty.

Read English:

Do Your Duty

5 tips to handle problems.

Read English:

Don’t Magnify Problems

5 Steps for effective dreaming.

Read English:

Dreams Drive Destiny

5 tips to take quick action.

Do It Now


5 tips to Discuss, Don’t Argue.

Read English:

Discuss Don’t Argue

Discipline in Private.

Discipline In Private


5 tips to appreciate differences.

Read English:

Differences Are Strengths

Determination Moves Mountains.

Determination Moves Mountains


5 tips to Destroy Negative Habits.

Read English:

Destroy Negative Habits

Deserve Before Desire.

Read English:

Deserve Before Desire

5 tips to create your own path.

Read English:

Create Your Path

Courage Needs Maturity.

Read English

Courage Needs Maturity

5 tips to Count Your Blessings.

Read English:

Count Your Blessings

Corruption Corrupt Peace.

Read English:

Corruption Corrupt Peace

Responsibility precedes Authority.

Responsibility Precedes Authority

Control Your Frustration.

Read English:

Control Your Frustration

5 tips to Conquer Your Mind.

Read English:

Conquer Your Mind

5 tips to stop complacency.

Read English:

Complacency Slides Down

5 tips to Compete with Self.

Compete With Self


I Trust You is bigger compliment than I Love You. 5 Tips to build Trust.

Character Build Trustworthiness


5 tips to Challenge Your Limits.

Read English:

Challenge Your Limits

Challenge Brings Change

Read English:


5 tips for sharing knowledge.

Share Your Knowledge

5 tips to manage different situations.
Read English:

Change or Accept

5 tips to Begin With End

Read English:

Begin With End

हिंदी में पढ़े:

अंत से आरम्भ

5 tips to manage worries.

Read English:

Bury The Worry

Read Hindi:

चिंता चिता समान!!

Believe to Achieve. 5 tips to develop confidence. 

Believe To Achieve


5 Tips to avoid wasteful expenditure.

Read English

Avoid Wasteful Expenditure

Read Hindi:

फ़िज़ूलख़र्च न करे।

5 tips to avoid short cuts.

Read English:

Avoid Short Cuts

Read Hindi:

जल्दी का काम शैतान का!!

5 tips to maintain positive attitude.

Read English:

Attitude Decides Altitude

Read Hindi:

व्यवहारकुशलता, तय करे सफलता

5 Tips to handle mistakes

Allow Intelligent Mistakes


भूल को फूल की तरह स्वीकारे।


Ability Increases Power. 5 tips to develop ability.
Read English:

Ability Increases Power

Read Hindi:

प्रतिभा प्रभाव बढ़ायें


5 tips to avoid negative assumptions

Avoid Negative Assumptions


नकारात्मक कल्पनाओं से बचे।


Advertise to Popularise.
Read English:

Advertise To Popularise


5 Tips to create destiny.
Read English:

Action Decides Destiny

Read Hindi:

कर्म भाग्य बनाये


5 tips how to ask without shying.
Read English:

Ask For It


5 tips to glorify your achievements.

Achievement Advertises Personality


उपलब्धियाँ बीन बजाये


5 tips to avoid blame game.
Read English:

Avoid Blame Game

Read Hindi:

दोषारोपण ना करे


5 tips for genuine appreciation:

Appreciation Brings Happiness


सराहना ख़ुशियाँ लाये


5 tips to control anger.
To Read English:

Anger Burns Wisdom

To Read Hindi:

क्रोध बुद्धि हरे

To watch and listen:

Hemant Lodha

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