regretsThough I am not a person who regret about any thing but if I have chance to relive my life, I would not make 3 mistakes so that to make my life more meaningful. If I revisit my life, I find that I am most lucky and happy person who got every thing, one normal person can deserve. I have observed that present generation is also not focusing on following 3 aspects of life and which can convert into regrets in later life.

1. Focus on health: when we are young we become so engrossed in earning money and fame that we completely neglect our health. It’s not that people who are conscious about health live longer but 80% chances is that they live healthier. If we can give only one hour everyday on our physical and mental health, our balance 23 hours will be more fruitful. I got diabetes because of work pressure and now no amount of work out can eliminate my diabetes.

2. Not Accepting people: At very late age I understood that people are not difficult, they are different. Everyone’s behaviour is guided by his genes, upbringing, education and experiences. They behave the way they are. Most of them are not against us but they see the things differently. It’s like 6 blinds in story define the elephant differently when first time they touch.

3. Ignored philosophies: Ancient Indian system has mentioned 4 purushartha (purpose of man kind). DHARMA (Righteousness), AARTHA (meaning, prosperity), KAAMA (desires), MOKSHA (final attainment). The first dharma was used to be taught to children in Gurukul by rishis and teachers. However now days we learn in schools how to earn rather than how to live good life. Reading Geeta, bible and Quran after 60 has no meaning when you have already lived life with lot of sins. If we can study and learn philosophies before the age of 25, it will help to lead purposeful ethical life.

Hemant Lodha

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